Getting Started

Website From Scratch
  • Write Down Your Goals. 
    What are you looking to achieve in your website? Will this be a brochure-type website or eCommerce? Writing clear achievable goals will be the first step in creating your website.

  • Deciding on the Perfect Domain Name. 
    This step might take a while as you decide the perfect domain for your new website. Not sure where to start? Reach out and I can coach you!
  • Choose the Best Hosting Plan. 
    Not all hosting companies are created equal. You shouldn’t pay more or settle for less when your site will generate additional web traffic.

  • Develop Your Content. 
    In order to build out your website, we need content! Spend time writing your content. Create a simple site map to get a clear idea on the type of content you want to display on your website.

  • Starting at the Ground Floor. 
    I’ll install the content management system known as WordPress. Out-of-the-box WordPress is a powerful system that will manage all aspects of your website.

  • Extending the Sandbox. 
    Extending WordPress’ sandbox by installing Plugins. Plugins can bring extra functionality to your website such as calendars, email forms, and page builders.

  • Creating the First Backup. 
    It is important to setup a strategy for creating backups of your site, should you need one.

  • Establish an Update Plan. 
    How will the website be updated? Will you post content updates via a blog? How will you notify your users that new content has been published?

Maintaining Your Website
  • Keep WordPress Updated. 
    If you are running WordPress to power your website, be sure to update when the time comes. Before updating make sure your Theme and Plugins are updates first as well as create a backup!

  • Keep Your Theme Updated. 
    If you are using a theme that was bought from a marketplace, be sure to update your theme when the update is available. Be sure to create a backup of your site first!

  • Keep Your Plugins Updated. 
    It is crucial that you keep any plugins installed on your website updated. Failing to do so could lead your website to get hacked!

  • Content Refresh.
    Add new content every few months either by adding new pages or new posts.

  • Experience issues? 
    Experience issues maintaining your website? Want someone else to make sure your site is up and running? Reach out and I’ll be happy to make sure things are operating correctly!

Need someone to come along side you to complete a project?

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