Creating Additional FTP Accounts (Bluehost)

Creating Additional FTP Accounts (Bluehost)

There may be times where you will need to create additional FTP accounts on your Hosting package. Come learn how to create those accounts.

Login to Bluehost by navigating to www.bluehost.com then by clicking on Login at the top right of the page.


Enter in your hosting username or domain and password. Click submit when both of those have been entered correctly.


From the main cPanel screen, find the Files section then click on FTP Accounts.


Now you may enter the Login name, Password twice, and a Directory. With the Directory, Bluehost may try to enter in the same information as the name. If that is the case, delete that. Instead enter in ONLY public_html. Make sure the Quota is set to Unlimited, then click the green Create FTP Account button.


If you are going to send this information to someone, please jot down the password you have entered. For the rest of the information needed, click on the Configure FTP Client link on the line of the account you had just created. Copy that information and send it to the new FTP user!


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