Please Pardon my Mess!

Please Pardon my Mess!

Relax. Everything will be fine. Breathe. As you can see I have very little content. I have wiped my database (no worries,  I always backup first!) and wanted to start fresh. Now what made me want to start afresh with a brand new theme?

Well, up until this post, I haven’t updated my site since January of 2012. Truth is I got out of the “WordPress” world for a few months. I updated some sites that needed work but I didn’t build anything for the better part of 2012. That all changed at the beginning of 2013. I began building sites again. My boss at work got real sick and I was asked to co-teach a class. This class? Advanced Web Design. In this class, they learn how to build with WordPress. I’ll discuss my first teaching experience in a later post, but for now I am so happy to be building again!

A small part to the final project had each student create a WordPress.org account and participate on the Support Forums. You should have seen their faces! “I don’t know PHP, how can I provide any assistance.” Obviously, I had to calm them and explain that not everyone that posts is looking for advanced code solutions. Many of them just want to know a little more about WordPress before jumping in the rabbit hole. We made an agreement, if they had to do it, I did as well. I didn’t stop at the Forums, I began helping out on Twitter.

For Twitter, I use TweetDeck. It’s a fancy little app that I have installed into my Chrome Browser that allows me to search and display my Twitter lists. One of the columns set is anyone that posts about Bluehost, where I hope my sites,  it will display. Most times it is people asking why their site is down. However there are people on there looking for real help and for the last week or two I have been helping those fine people at Bluehost out.

Bluehost Follows Me

They have even noticed and we follow each other now.

In case you came here because I tweeted you offering advice, I’m real and not some Bot that will spam you. I have 6 years of WordPress knowledge and I have seen a lot in my day. What can you expect here? Tutorials, screen-casts, and maybe rants on Web Design, WordPress, and even Moodle!

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