Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types

It’s not secret that I will most likely type about WordPress on this blog. It’s the CMS of choice and I just love making websites with it. When it comes to putting a site together, the best part is planning out if there is a need for any Custom Post Types. All a CPT is, is an extra content type that may be needed for the site. For instance, say I run a blog that I also run reviews on movies. Instead of lumping the reviews together with blog posts I can keep them on separate “pages” on my site.

I get the chance to do the same for a project coming up in Webpages. Basically for departmental blogs a request has been made to allow a separate section for Faculty Posts. Granted there are two ways of handling this. One, use FeedWordPress and just use the RSS links for each site and drop them on a page, or create a CPT and a login to that particular blog site that allows those faculty to login, post a blog entry to that CPT and then it will appear on that site. I still need to research the functionality of FeedWordPress, but I hope to have some use out of it.

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