What makes up a City website?

What makes up a City website?

While going through some redesigning of my own, I feel to look inside the designs of others’ sites to figure out what I really need to do with the redesign of … City of Duluth’s site.

I was hired by the City of Duluth back in 2003, at that time I knew basic HTML and the ability to make sites in Frontpage. It was only after managing close to 200 pages of static HTML that I wanted to learn more to help manage my job and the site better.

CSS was implemented with a top frame view around 2004. That was a huge challenge as the design was a table design / frame design. Over time, I found that things needed a change and I began a Photoshop design.

The Photoshop design has taken the next step and was very helpful in not only planning websites but also implementation. Each page or section had 1 look to it, so there was lots of images and that ended up being a very bad idea, and within a month of use, it was brought to my attention that once the print button is chosen it shows the inline frame, but not all the contents. That lead me looking towards a CSS template.

The site how is stands now is a testament to my CSS skills. I took the original Andreas01 template and have made quite the little site out of it. Granted that was around 2-3 years ago when the template was in its infancy. At that time I was learning CSS myself and after deconstructing that template, figuring out how it works, and now being able to write CSS myself, I owe a lot of my knowledge to his work.

Over the years the site has really taken a life of its own and has served as a playground for myself looking into CSS techniques and then using those techniques to implement that into the site.

My goal with this design is to not only raise the bar for Duluth, but the other nearby city sites as well. In the past I have always said, if you like something another site does, let me know and depending on if it doesn’t disrupt the flow, I would look into implementing it. Of course this has led to a few ideas wanting to be thrown into the pot that I personally don’t feel is “neat”. So what are my goals?

  • Provide an information rich website
  • Easy to use, easy to navigate website.
  • Move away from static web design
  • A color-centric website.

The beginning process starts next month.

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