When the Fox ate the Internet

When the Fox ate the Internet

Tonight a dear friend had sent me an IM celebrating she has finally made the switch. The switch I made several years and haven’t looked back since! The jump from Internet Explorer to Firefox. That got me to thinking, what does Firefox really have over Internet Explorer 7? (Besides displaying web standards more efficiently!)


Add-ons was given a bad name thanks to Internet Explorer with all the bars to be added, pop-up blockers, and just random junk installed. Firefox changed all that, and in the end has made those words not-so dirty.

Let’s get down to the list of add-on’s I use!

Adblock Plus! & Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Without these two add-on’s my life would be in shambles. The only reason to use Firefox is right here! These two together blocks pop-ups and ads on pages that typically annoys everyone.

ChaCha Guide App Toolbar
Being a ChaCha Guide, this is essential and you won’t find much need of this unless you are a Guide. Not sure what ChaCha is? Check them out!

Cooliris offers popup preview of links and of course the ultra cool picture gallery that can be used on popular sites such as Google Images, Facebook, Myspace, and Flickr. Honestly it is worth the look to see what it can do!

Ever been on a page with tons of links that you want all downloaded? How about a picture gallery with the same problem. With this add-on you can download everything on a page in just a click of a button. It’s wonderful for us lazy people!

Facebook Toolbar
The ultimate distraction! For anyone that uses Facebook, this keeps you updated with status updates, new messages, invites, events, the works! Without even being on facebook you will be made aware of everything going on, while you surf!

Fast Video Download
Ever watch a video on youtube and want to download it to watch at your leisure. This crazy little add-on allows you to do just so.

Gmail Manager
Do you have a few Gmail accounts and find it annoying or difficult to keep track of logging in and out to just check to see if you have new messages? A must have even for one Gmail account!!

Greasemonkey is just a gateway drug! This small little add-on allows small JavaScript to be added to customize your favorite website. I use this for several reasons including full image preview when I hover over images in both Facebook or Myspace.

What a time waster, if you are unsure what StumpleUpon is, check them out here.

Tab Mix Plus
When the latest firefox was released I needed a good replacement for Tabbrowser Preferences. After searching for several days, I found this recommendation through Google. It presents several options, such as the ability to undo close tabs. Being able to set how links are opened (current tab or new tab).

Web Developer
If you are into web development, this add-on is a no brainer. I don’t even have to go over it, just install it!

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