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Hi, my name is Brett and I am a web designer specializing in professional, clean, usable designs. All my projects include valid HTML5 and CSS3 according to the W3C.

I began learning web design in my early teens after reading through the book “Web Design for Dummies.” This was all new to me, and I soon had a Geocities account for experimentation. In my late teens,  I accepted a position maintaining the web presence for a local Municipality. It was because of this position that I expanded my knowledge even further with the likes of CSS3, HTML5, and the use of content management systems, like WordPress.

I have just over a decade of WordPress knowledge under my belt. I have had my hands in over a hundred sites, using even more Themes and Plugins. My experience with WordPress has even included teaching a class in higher education on how to use and build with WordPress.

I’d be happy to work with you on your project! Please take a look at my portfolio and fill out my contact form if you are interested on getting started with your project today!

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Things that I work on.



Things that I work on.



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